3 mistakes that are killing your small business website

Not enough information

If a visitor to your website can see what they think they’re looking for but don’t have all they need to take the action you want them to – sign-up, buy, join – they’ll leave. 

If you’re selling, answer the questions you think potential customers will ask. Use your customer feedback to make sure you’re getting it right.

Spelling and poor grammar

It’s true that we can’t all be great writers. And, if you’re doing things quickly the chances of a ‘typo’, words getting swapped around by mistake, increase.

But typo’s and poor grammar look bad.

Does it really matter you might say, if you’re business is selling car tyres?

You’re right. If people want a tyre, they might not care if your grammar is less than perfect, but they may associate that lack of attention with a similar disregard for the quality of your tyres.

If you want people to pay you for a service provided by a professional – whatever you do – then you need to look professional. So, no spelling errors and the best grammar you’ve got.

Dead pages

If you don’t have any testimonials, why would you have a page for them on your website? Think about how you feel when you click on a link to find an empty page. It’s frustrating, it’s lazy and it will lose you customers.

Unless you’re a completely unique business, or can stand to lose customers – don’t have blank pages on your site. Hide pages you’re working by keeping them in draft.

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